Adult Women Residential Programs at the Nexus Recovery Center

 Nexus Recovery Center logo pic Rick Schaden has been a long-time supporter of the fight to end homelessness. So too has Nexus Recovery Center. For the better part of 35 years, Nexus Recovery Center has provided high-quality substance abuse treatment for women with children. Designed for women 18 and older, Nexus’ Adult Women Residential Program helps participants overcome their addictions in a safe, nurturing environment. Treatment at Nexus typically begins with detoxification, which takes place under the close supervision of medical staff monitors.

Once a patient achieves medical stability during detoxification, she can enter residential treatment on the Nexus campus in La Prada. Clients live in dormitory-style housing and assume responsibility for their living environment, which encourages self-sufficiency and mindfulness. Upon entering residential treatment at Nexus, clients are assigned to a primary counselor who conducts a full assessment of factors such as trauma, mental health, and family dysfunction. After completing their assessments, clients begin an individualized treatment program and start to address the underlying causes of their substance abuse. Clients can also invite family members to participate in the family education program, which teaches them about the far-reaching effects of addiction.


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