Jessie’s Homes for Families Addresses Homelessness in Colorado

Jessie’s Homes for Families logo pic Together with his daughter Jessie, Rick Schaden supports a broad range of initiatives and charitable organizations aimed at ending homelessness in the United States. Founded several years ago by Jessie Schaden, Jessie’s Homes for Families provides shelter and quality meals for homeless families living on the streets. In addition to offering valuable housing resources for parents, Jessie’s Homes for Families gives children an equal chance to learn and helps them become self-sufficient adults.

Today, Jessie’s Homes for Families and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless are constructing a large transitional housing building in North Colorado. The organization plans to raise $150,000, which will provide the necessary equity to build nearly 130 transitional housing units for homeless families living in the Denver area. Jessie’s Homes for Families is also planning to open the Stout Street Health Center, where residents at the new transitional housing facility can connect with important community resources.

To learn more about Jessie’s Homes for Families or to find out how to contribute today, visit


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