Jessie’s Homes for Families – Recent Projects and Activities

Jessie’s Homes for Families logo pic Jessie’s Homes for Families, a Denver-based nonprofit organization, has joined the city’s fight against homelessness. In collaboration with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Jessie’s Homes for Families aims to raise $150,000 to facilitate the development of Renaissance at North Colorado Station. This transitional housing community will encompass 130 residential units for families in need in the Denver metropolitan area. Additionally, it will offer on-site resources such as social service support and childcare. Jessie’s Homes for Families is also working to establish the Stout Street Health Center, which will offer convenient health care to residents of Renaissance at North Colorado Station.

Jessie’s Homes for Families has garnered support through partnerships with local businesses such as Live Basil Pizza. In May 2014, the organization partnered with the Neapolitan fast casual pizza restaurant for FREE Fresh Pizza Day, a promotion offering one free made-to-order pizza to each Live Basil guest. Throughout the event, the restaurant encouraged patrons to consider donating to Jessie’s Homes for Families at any of its five Denver locations.


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