Smart-Girl Programming Makes Girls into Successful Women

Smart-Girl Programming pic Adolescence can be a confusing time, and challenges like overcoming body image pressure and peer coercion often make life difficult for teens. However, thanks to the efforts of Smart-Girl, a Colorado nonprofit organization, more than 7,000 teens and pre-teens have received the training they need to tackle these issues and develop inner strength. Featuring programs for both middle school and early high school students and workshops for young adults, Smart-Girl provides a comprehensive education in being a healthy, confident, and self-actualized woman.

Featuring small-group programs that bring a dozen girls together with older graduates of the program and an adult coach, the Smart-Girl program generally takes place weekly at participating schools. The organization also sponsors a Smart-Girl Leadership Summer Camp for students in the greater Denver area, as well as programming for college undergraduate and graduate students through the Smart-Girl Leadership Institute. With backing from the Colorado School Counselor’s Association Conferences and the National School Counselor’s Association, Smart-Girl has expanded to the Smart-Boy program to offer its innovative curriculum to male students.